Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Customizing your fiberglass swimming pool is made easy with the support of our design team at Designer Pools By Ace.  We offer family-centered guidance on choosing the correct size for your backyard pool, as well as selecting the material finishes and upgraded features to turn your fiberglass pool into the ultimate backyard vacation space.  Whether your interests are leaning towards the beach-like setting created by the Grace and Sandal Beach Entry shells, or more of a modern aesthetic provided by a geometric design, the stunning options available for fiberglass pools are endless.  Your design consultant at Designer Pools By Ace will assist in personalizing your fiberglass swimming pool, keeping your budget, wish list, and personal style in mind.  Once your fiberglass pool is designed and ready for install, our streamlined process offers a skilled approach for creating your beautiful backyard oasis in North Carolina and Atlanta.

Your fiberglass pool is only a phone call and a personalized design away.  Contact us today at (704) 285-1352 to get started!

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Why Choose Fiberglass Pools?

For residents in North Carolina, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas, looking to design and install a fiberglass pool, Designer Pools By Ace is at the top of the list for your fiberglass installation.  Family owned and operated, with over 22 years of experience, we have built a reputation for using industry best fiberglass shells, backed by strong warranty programs.  Our customized fiberglass pool designs offer an array of shapes and sizes, and a dazzling spectrum of colors for your gelcoat finish.  With the options of either salt or chlorine, heat pool or spa, and tanning ledges, your fiberglass pool will be built with your unique preferences included.

Invest in Your Own Private Sanctuary

Fiberglass Pool Benefits & Custom Features

  • Gelcoat finish. Our non-abrasive gelcoat interiors are available in a spectrum of beautiful colors to achieve your desired water color.
  • Compatibility. Salt water, chlorine, freshwater, and ozone systems all work wonderfully well with Designer Pools By Ace fiberglass swimming pools.
  • Water Chemistry. Fiberglass pool surfaces are chemically inert, so there is nothing in the pool surface that will alter the water chemistry, encouraging low chemical usage.
  • Great Designs. Our top-rated manufacturers offer an assortment of beautifully designed layouts, with the added possibilities of a tanning ledge, fiberglass spa, and interior benches.
  • Strength. The high tensile strength of fiberglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement.
  • Tile & Deck. Fiberglass pool offer custom water line tile options, in unique patterns and an array of color options.  Your preference of travertine, pavers, natural stone or non-slip surfaces will be used to create the deck space surrounding your fiberglass pool and spa.


Add a Hot Tub

Here are just some of the benefits of including a custom spa with your new fiberglass pool:

  • Experience less stress, improved circulation, better sleep, and fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain.
  • Pressure from strategically placed jets help to rejuvenate the healing powers of warm water.
  • Ergonomically correct seating creates a calm and comfortable place to heal.

Fiberglass Pool Cost Comparison

Concrete Pool Cost

Acid Baths 3+ in 10 Years: $600
Marcite Re-marciting: $2,500
Tile Replacement: $650
Chemicals $40/mo for 10 yrs: $4,800
Electric $20/mo for 10 yrs: $2,400
Pool Service $30/mo for 10 yrs: $3,600
Total Maintenance Cost $14,550

Fiberglass Pool Cost

Acid Baths Not required: $0
Marcite Not required: $0
Tile N/A (no remarciting): $0
Chemicals $15/mo for 10 yrs: $1,800
Electric $12/mo for 10 yrs: $1,440
Pool Service N/A (only 3 hrs/mo to maintain): $0
Total Maintenance Cost $3,240

Savings with Fiberglass Pool Ownership