Vinyl Pools

Why Choose Vinyl Pools?

With over 22 years’ experience building vinyl liner pools in North Carolina, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas, Designer Pool By Ace is the family owned and client-centered vinyl liner pool builder with a reputation you can trust.  With the proven success of our trusted process, and our dedication to work closely with you as a homeowner, you can rest assured that a Designer Pools By Ace vinyl liner pool installation will transform your backyard into a permanent vacation spot for you and your family.  Embracing the luxurious attributes of our designs, with a more budget friendly price tag, our vinyl liner pools are an excellent choice to make for your upcoming project.

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Durability with A Beautiful Finish

#1 Top Vinyl Liner Pool Company

Our vinyl liner pools come in pre-designed layouts, in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Working closely with our design team, we will guide you in selecting the right option for your backyard and individual style.  We use best sourced manufacturers for our liner materials, featuring beautiful patterns and colors, to provide your vinyl liner pool with you desired water color and secure durability.   Personalizing your vinyl liner swimming pool is made easy with our close-knit design process and upgraded feature selections.  Stunning deck and coping options, raised walls with intricate patterns of stone veneer, and a vast selection of tranquil water features are all wonderful options to take your vinyl liner pool to the next level with a beautifully finished outcome.  Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how Designer Pools By Ace is ranked as the top vinyl liner pool builder for you.


Add a Hot Tub

Here are just some of the benefits of including a custom spa with your new vinyl pool:

  • Experience less stress, improved circulation, better sleep, and fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain.
  • Pressure from strategically placed jets help to rejuvenate the healing powers of warm water.
  • Ergonomically correct seating creates a calm and comfortable place to heal.

Fiberglass Pool Cost Comparison

Concrete Pool Cost

Acid Baths 3+ in 10 Years: $600
Marcite Re-marciting: $2,500
Tile Replacement: $650
Chemicals $40/mo for 10 yrs: $4,800
Electric $20/mo for 10 yrs: $2,400
Pool Service $30/mo for 10 yrs: $3,600
Total Maintenance Cost $14,550

Fiberglass Pool Cost

Acid Baths Not required: $0
Marcite Not required: $0
Tile N/A (no remarciting): $0
Chemicals $15/mo for 10 yrs: $1,800
Electric $12/mo for 10 yrs: $1,440
Pool Service N/A (only 3 hrs/mo to maintain): $0
Total Maintenance Cost $3,240

Savings with Fiberglass Pool Ownership